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Morning Reflections


Women's Reflection

with Erin Marie Raines
Saturday, March 25, 9:00 am- Noon

Holy Trinity Church


Be inspired!

Celebrate being a spirited-filled woman in the Church today! 

Discern how the Holy Spirit works in your life and in the life of the Church.


Called and Gifted: Women in the Church

Discerning my gifts--What are my charisms? My passions?

What does this mean for me, God, and others? 

How shall I use the gifts I discerned?

Register through the link  or call Holy Trinity Parish Office, 440-937-5363 and leave your name and number with Karen.   


Erin Marie Raines is a native of Cleveland, Ohio and is a lay ecclesial minister who was certified in 1997 and works for the Diocese of Cleveland as an Administrative Assistant in the Lay Ecclesial Ministry Office. Erin actively serves in her parish, Holy Spirit in Garfield Heights as a Pastoral Associate and Parish Life Coordinator. Erin was previously Senior Chief Deputy Clerk in the Civil Division for the City of Cleveland. Erin has authored two books: Recipes For A New Life: Surviving Celiac Disease and Recipes For A New Life: Food for the Mind Body and Soul. Erin is a motivational speaker and an advocate for Digestive Disease Awareness.

Men’s Reflection

This program has been Postponed - revisit this page for updates

with Dobie Moser
Saturday, March 25, 9:00 am- Noon

Holy Trinity School Library


Living Your Strengths Way of the Cross
Discover your strengths and learn how to use your strengths in your life and relationships and in building the
Kingdom of God. This fun opportunity for men will identify the gifts that God has given you and provide ways to
know how to develop and use your gifts in service to the Church and to others.

Register on-line through the link above or call Karen in the Parish Office...440-937-5363

Participants are required to take the CliftonStrengths Top 5 assessment and bring your results with you to our Living
Strengths session. There is a link to the assessment through the parish website.
There is a fee of $20 to take the assessment.

(Questions regarding the Men’s Reflection can be directed to Nick Ksenich 216-570-2023)


Dr. Dobie Moser, Catholic Charities Senior Director of Mission Integration, CYO and Social Action. Dobie served on the design
team for University of Notre Dame Vision leadership program and Play Like a Champion Today national coaches training
program. He served on the US Olympic Committee and as a Tennis Teaching Pro in U.S. and Canada. Dobie competed Gallup
Strengths Coach training certification and had done Strengths training for over 10,000 leaders, staff groups, youth and young
adults in North America. Dobie and his wife, Lisa, embrace the mystery, vulnerability, humility and joy of marriage and family life
and parenting their 7 children. They started their parish Mental Health Ministry at St. Ambrose and they volunteer together in
serve to refugees in the greater Cleveland community.