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Holy Trinity Parish History

Holy Trinity began in 1833 when three families from Bavaria arrived in Lorain County in what would become Avon.
The first Mass was celebrated March 21st, 1841 in the Schwartz Family cabin. The first church was built on Jaycox Road with a cemetery in 1844. Our parish school began a year later in a log cabin near the intersection of Schwartz and Nagel Roads.
 Holy Trinity, Jaycox Road
The parish grew and built a new wooden schoolhouse in 1860 near the church on Jaycox Road. It was replaced in 1873 by a brick school house.
Our current church, at Detroit and Nagel Road, was begun in 1900 and built with sandstone from quarries in Amherst and Westlake. The project was lead by the pastor, the Rev. Anthony B. Stuber. It was completed in 1902 with a rectory and a new cemetery just west of the church.
HT Detroit Road
In 1924 a tornado came ashore in Lorain and moved east, through Sheffield into Avon, damaging our church and rectory before heading south. Damage affected the church up to the altar rail, the sanctuary was untouched.
During repairs, the parish built a hall for Masses and parish events.
In 1925 our school was built at its new location on Nagel Road, and in 1956 classrooms were added. Expansion in 2001 and 2005 brought a library, offices, a wing of classrooms and a new gym that also serves as our parish hall.
Today with our growing parish and school, we continue the unfolding story of Catholic faith and education begun long ago for future generations.
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