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Adopt-A-Vase at Holy Trinity


Any famly that wants can bring a vase of cut flowers from their yard and we will use them to decorate the Sanctuary.
This can be a fun way for all of us to get involved, especialy with all of the different types of blooming flowers throughout the summer months.

If you... or your children... or your grandchildren are interested, please bring in a vase, Mason jar, etc that you have at home, fill it with water and your cut flowers and drop it off in the church on Fridays before 4:00 PM.  Leave your vases on the steps in front of the St. Joseph Altar.  To ensure that you get your vase back, please put your name on the bottom of the vase before you fill it.

As we all know, cut flowers don't tend to last all that long, so you will need to check on your little adopted vase periodically and make sure it doesn't need a little sprucing up.  You are welcome to refresh it as needed.  Please be sure that all vases have been refreshed by 4 PM on Friday afternoons!

This certainly is not something you have to participate in every week or every day of course, but just a fun idea to get everyone involved.  If your participation is short term, empty vases will be left in the sacristy and can be picked up during weekend Masses.  Please pick up your empty vase within 2 weeks or we will dispose of it accordingly.